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 Zeagle Systems announces:              

 The  “Ascent” Buoyancy Control Belt!  

 Finally a BC for a freediver!  Patent Pending   



WARNING! This super streamlined BC Belt and Tank Pack are for advanced divers only! They require advanced buoyancy skills and therefore should not be used by novice or intermediate divers. Instruction should be obtained prior to use.

WARNING! Tropical and temperate climates are the best environments for use. Thick wetsuits and dry suits needed for cold water diving require more ballast than can adequately be             compensated with this BC.                          

No longer must a freediver kick hard to descend to a fixed neutral depth, remain negative throughout the bottom portion of the dive, or fight to ascend to the surface at the most critical time of a breath-hold. (See Freediving Buoyancy Profile, graphic below.)

With an Ascent BC Belt, the freediver deflates the small retractable air cell and dives, kicking only lightly. Soon he is falling to the preferred depth. (See Ascent Buoyancy Profile, next graphic below.)

Neutral buoyancy can be easily achieved with a touch of a quiet inflation valve. Bottom time is greatly enhanced by the reduction of exertion.

A slight kick upward begins the expansion of the BC belt, which provides increasing lift as the diver ascends. Upon reaching maximum volume the overpressure valve vents off excess air from the streamlined air cell. The diver continues to rise, even without kicking, as the Ascent BC belt eases him through the zone where a shallow water blackout can occur.

The added floatation at the surface is sufficient to keep a properly weighted diver afloat even after exhalation, providing another margin of safety. The breath up for the next freedive is much easier with the extra buoyancy provided by the BC belt.

Full floatation is always available in a time of need, such as during a fight with a speared fish.

Warning: The Ascent is not a Personal Floatation Device or Freediver’s Safety Vest.
It will not keep a divers airway dry on the surface.
Obtain proper training before freediving with an Ascent BC Belt.

This streamlined BC gives the freediver all the benefits a scuba diver derives from a buoyancy compensator, with little more weight or drag than occurs with a standard freediving belt.  

The Ascent contains an onboard 4 cubic foot aluminum cylinder and the Zeagle Razor valve-regulator first stage combination, which supplies air to the low pressure inflator.

The included cross-over filler device can keep one or more divers in operation all day from a single full size dive tank. An average freediver can make a dozen or more dives from the 4 cu. ft cylinder. The Ascent is fitted with a compact pressure gauge to monitor the air supply.  

The Ascent BC Belt is available in
several sizes to fit small to large freedivers. The compact retractable air cell provides proportional lift to the ballast requirement of the diver.

The belt buckle is removable to make changing weights on both sides of the belt much easier.

A 6 cu. ft. cylinder is available for larger divers or longer dive trips.

A standard pressure gauge on a 12” hose can provide continuous air monitoring.

A scuba compressor filling attachment is available.

The new Zeagle regulator bag by Armor is perfect for carrying and protecting the Ascent and it's accessories.

A Dive Alert horn can be attached, adding a significant  safety benefit.


Separate uses for the
components of an Ascent BC Belt:

The Zeagle Razor pony tank can be fitted with a second stage and serve as a bail-out breathing supply for conventional scuba divers.

Zeagle makes the elastic holder shown at left to mount it to a scuba BC.   

Warning: Only certified scuba divers should breathe compressed air or other gasses!  

The Zeagle rubber weight belt, with removable buckle, can be worn as a separate weight belt for freediving or scuba.


When used with SCUBA, the Ascent is the World’s Smallest & Lightest BC !

When used with a full sized scuba tank on a separate tank pack this super streamlined BC has 100% usable lift, zero squeeze or ride up.

It allows effortless straight up floatation by placing all the buoyancy below a divers lungs and diaphragm.

The Ascent is the first weight integrated BC that is separate from the tank harness, which makes it very easy to lift the tank and pack into a boat, while the diver remains buoyant on the surface.

The retractable bladder does away with the traditional corrugated deflation/inflation hose that encumbers a diver’s left shoulder area.

The tank pack connects to the BC belt with a standard quick disconnect low pressure inflation hose routed under the divers left arm.

The Ascent BC belt and separate tank pack can be packed and stored more easily than traditional combined BC packs.

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