The WILD WEST COAST of Florida
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Section I - Chart, Coordinates Table and Log Entries

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Anclote Tug (AT)
Click for St Pete Times article on wrecks
80' deep  2814.486   8320.571 

Anclote 5' Ledge (AC5)
65' deep  2812.080   8314.207
For more information about ledges click on the underlined title following for an article from the St Petersburg Times
"Ledges Key to Diving in the Gulf "
  & the
exclusive  Ledge areas coordinates list.

Veteran's Reef (V)
2802.968  8300.738,   2802.980   8300.753,   2802.976   8300.732,  2802.013   8300.759

Masthead Ledge W (ML)
2801.998   8302.785

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